Lehrstuhl für Zell- und Entwicklungsbiologie


    Our department has been completely restructured since autumn 2009. We are still in the process of establishing new research groups and hence are growing continuously. Recent recruitments include Christian Janzen, Susanne Kramer and Ines Subota.

    Independent Research Groups

    We provide generous lab space and excellent infrastructure for two more young and independently funded research groups working on either cellular infection biology or computational aspects of high resolution imaging (incl. electron microscopy). For information, please contact Markus Engstler.

    Postdoctoral position

    urrently, all positions are filled, however, we are happy to help people interested in joining us to apply for stipends and scholarships.

    Please contact the respective group leader.

    Doctoral position

    Master thesis

    We hope that master students that join our laboratories will become infected with our passion for science.
    Irrespective which group you choose you will initially profit from the centralized technology training. You will attend our seminars and discussion groups and learn how to do modern science.

    Please contact us well in advance. We are quite picky ;-)

    Bachelor thesis

    We recruit bachelor students from our elaborate practical courses.
    Unfortunately our capacity is limited because we want you to get the best training possible.
    We expect our students to be highly skilled, motivated and willing to become team players.

    If you are interested don't hesitate to approach us during the practicals in the 4. or 5. semester.

    Student assistant

    We continuously hire student assistants for several practical courses.

    Contact Ricardo Benavente for more information.

    Occasionally we also need advanced students to help us in the laboratory. Those vacancies will be posted here.


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